2 Closed Listings in 30 Days in a Brand New Market

52 Appraisal Opportunities, 19 Completed In-Person Appraisals, Two Listings In 3 Weeks! (All without having an established brand in a brand new market)
Janelle Cairns
Eves Real Estate Bethlehem
2 Closed Transactions Within 30 Days.
Tauranga, New Zealand
State 1
Starting from scratch in a tough new market and not quite sure where to start to build her pipeline and her brand having primarily generated her business previously from referrals and other channels of traditional advertising (radio, etc) Janelle knew that there must be a better way.
State 2
In 3 weeks, we got her 52 appraisal opportunities, 19 Completed In-Person Appraisals worth an estimated pipeline value of $52,000 in GCI, & two listings underway. Most importantly she now has certainty in where her next listing opportunities will come from. 1 of the listings is for an estimated $1.5M won and the other $1.3M.
Before Janelle partnered with us, she had just entered the Tauranga market after having moderate success as an agent in Katikati. As an individual agent that was new to the area and who had to build a pipeline and database from scratch, Janelle was fighting against the big offices with more established brands & online presences. She had grown her business previously through a reliance on referrals as well as traditional marketing and advertising and had tried almost everything but knew there must be a better way.
She felt that without an established known brand that it'd be difficult to compete and get listings in what can traditionally be a tough market. Whilst hesitant at first… after she saw the value of how our Lead To Listing System can help her take care of the heavy lifting so she can do what she does best... The decision was easy… and she already secured an ROI multiple times over! In 3 weeks since the campaign had gone live, she had got 52 appraisal opportunities, 19 completed in-person appraisals, and 2 listings, one worth an estimated $1.5M and the other $1.3M.