About Generatelistings

Generate Listings helps the top agents in Australia, New Zealand and North America take control of their lead generation. Founded in 2020 by Aidan Jefferson, a digital marketing specialist who saw the struggles real estate agents faced in adapting to the changing digital landscape.
Our programs help agents overcome their dependency on referrals and achieve consistent opportunity flow.At Generate Listings, we shake things up and disrupt the marketplace. Our core values of collaboration, perseverance, and being results-driven empower real estate professionals to fulfil their potential and achieve financial freedom.
Our mission is to reinvent the way the real estate industry gets deals done. Our flagship consultancy service was responsible for $120M in listings last year, and we install the exact same systems for our private clients completely in-house. Join us on this journey of helping agents worldwide and revolutionising the real estate industry.
Aidan Jefferson
Founder & CEO
Laura Robertson
Head of Marketing Performance & Community Success Coach
Khominie Yusop
Marketing Automation Specialist
Danny Mallinder
Sales Manager
Jack Reimann
Sales Development Representative
Jesse Gardner
Account Executive
Elliott Lee
Head of Fulfilment
Kabe Perry
Account Executive
Marinelle Bagas Valdepena (Ren)
Marketing Assistant
Al Yusop
Ads Support
Claire Mabulay
Leads Concierge
Jodee Nayre
Video Editor
Nelson Gardner
Sales Development Representative
Mahdi Naqvi
Data & Tracking Assistant