7 Properties Listed Within 4 Months As A Brand New Agent

Turned $20K into $180K+ and is crushing more established agents.
Daniel P.
Ipswich, QLD
State 1
When Daniel first started with us he was completely new to real estate and had never even done an appraisal before! He was super hungry to become a top dog in his market off the bat.
State 2
4 months later after working with us Daniel listed 7 properties and pulled in a cool $180K for his efforts and is well on his way to becoming one of the top agents in all of Ipswich. He even has more property he is listing off the back of those initial 7 listings from our leads.
Daniel is one of the most driven young agents we have been fortunate enough to be in work with and it’s safe to say that he has been on a rocket ship to the top since getting into real estate. Going from never having done an appraisal to pocketing $180k in 4 months from our system is almost unheard of. One of the most diligent and coachable agents we have worked with, Daniel followed our blueprint to a tee and reaped the rewards. He deserves many kudos too because he worked extremely hard on his end to make our system blow up his business.