7+ Listings, 3X ROI in 9 Months

363 Appraisal Opportunities, 7 Listings and a GCI of $111,000 since working together!
Jacqui W.
Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia
State 1
As one of the top agents in all of Toowoomba, Jacqui and her marketing manager, David Walker were in need of ways to take their image online to another level so they could get in front of 100s of homeowners a month. They wanted the cutting edge in digital advertising and lead generation so they could continue to grow the brand to the point where Jacqui's brand could hit $2M in GCI per year.
State 2
In the 9 months we have worked together, Jacqui has reached 1000s of people in her market, expanded her profile to the point where she's getting featured in local publications and news outlets and has listed 7 properties directly from our leads resulting in a 3X ROI on paid advertising on top of her improved presence.
As one of the top agents in all of Toowoomba, Jacqui as expected is bombarded by different marketing companies every single day trying to earn her business. After immediately seeing how we're different, Jacqui and David pulled the trigger on working with us despite their skepticism of "marketing companies" and they immediately saw momentum with the implementation of the high converting branded lead generation strategies and advertising they trusted us with. Quickly Jacqui was able to skyrocket her already strong pipeline with over 50 leads in the first month and the listings soon followed with Jacqui having already converted 7 listings with many more coming in the pipeline as our nurturing and follow up systems assist with this.