Generated $48,232 in commissions off of just 2 listings

Signed 18 Month Contract
Brett Humby
McGrath Rouse Hill
2+ Listings at $48,232 in commissions
Sydney, NSW Australia
State 1
Brett was growing into a $1M producer in his market of Pitt Town and Riverstone in Sydney and needed more opportunities and a bigger database to help support the talent on his growing team, he also needed a way to stay top of mind in his market with effective branded advertising so he could continue to grow his profile.
State 2
Brett generated 158 listing opportunities in his first 90 days working with us, it was safe to say his database was rejuvenated. He then went on to generate his first listing from JD after a few months working with us as before that he needed help bringing in staff to deal with the lead flow. His first JD listing SOLD within 9 days of being on the market - $1.3M and was worth $23,232 in commissions for them - bringing in a massive ROI for them. They quickly followed this by listing their second JD property. This one was worth around $1.5M which would mean around $25,000 worth of net commissions for Brett. This was his 2nd lead ever with JD - converted 6 months later with the help of the marketing platform.... Rome wasn't built in a day! This brought his total to $48,232 in commissions from just 2 listings.
Since Brett Humby and his team in McGrath Rouse Hill had been getting so many leads, they have had to bring on an agent named Kal to service only JD leads. Brett realised that by not properly following up with leads due to how busy he was and not having a dedicated agent in his first three months working with us he lost $10,000s in leads that listed with other agents/agencies, so Brett being the smart businessman that he is decided to take action and fix that quickly. Now Brett is seeing the fruits of this decision with 2 listings and many many more in the pipeline, those 2 netting him a cool $48,232 already, this prompting him to sign an 18 month contract as he could start to see the shear quantity of deals he had in the pipeline.