Listed her first ever lead in under a week

Jenny M.
Bayside, Queensland, Australia
State 1
When Jenny joined us she was in desperate need of consistent opportunities as she was confident that once she got in the door she could get the listing but was just struggling to get into those doors in the first place.
State 2
Listed the first lead we generated for her in less than a week after going live.
When Jenny first connected with us she was relatively new to real estate and had been in the industry for less than a year. The biggest thing she needed help with was a consistent flow of new listing opportunities that she could work with each month so she could start to build her pipeline as a new agent and grow her profile in a competitive market filled with a lot of real estate agents. Jenny was super motivated and knew that if she could get her feet in more doors she would have a very good chance to convert the listing. Within her first few days working with us she got a listing which was actually from the first ever lead she received from us. Whilst things don't always happen this quickly when marketing and running lead generation campaigns, sometimes we do see instant results like what we've seen with Jenny here.