Listed her first ever property using our system

Sadie Headland
Sotheby's NZ
1st ever listing from our leads within a month and a half, estimated at $1.3M
Papamoa Beach, New Zealand
State 1
Just started in real estate, looking to kickstart her career by putting in place a system to build and follow up her pipeline.
State 2
Within the first month and half of going live, Sadie listed her first ever property from one of our leads and has many more in the pipeline. This was valued at around $1.5M.
Sadie came onboard with us as a completely new agent who was looking to kickstart her real estate career with effective lead generation and profile building in her market. She started when COVID was still affecting the property market in New Zealand and there was lots of uncertainty with the market shifting towards more of a buyers market and interest rate rises leading to hesitancy. When we first connected with Sadie, we could tell immediately that she had a clear understanding of what was and wasn't effective when it came to marketing due to her previous background working heavily in the marketing industry. Because of this she could see how our system could work well for her and was quick to pull the trigger on working with our expert team. Sadie wasn't disappointed as she was able to start growing her database immediately after going live and list her very first property ever within 1.5 months from one of the first leads we generated for her - this listing was worth $1.3M and netted her an estimated $20K in commissions. Her real estate business was successfully kickstarted.